»I think the dances can be regarded as part of a human reservoir of movement and relation beyond spoken or written language.« (Amanda Piña).

The performance series Endangered Human Movements deals with dances and cultural practices that are in danger of disappearing or already extinct. These dances were practiced in commonality articulating reciprocal relationships between humans, with animals and plants, the weather and the environment.

The second volume of this series called “Dance and Resistance” focuses on dances that were con- sidered “ritual“ by the anthropologists of the last century. The dances re-embodied in the perfor- mance were banned, persecuted or even distorted beyond recognition in order to accommodate and serve the goals and purposes of colonization and Christianization. The piece explores the potential resistance of the body in the current context of neoliberal market economy and the in- creased privatization and depletion of natural resources. The resistance that is to be experienced is based on dance understood as a means and aim of togetherness.

The “Battere Dance” from Tabituea, Kiribati, the Navajo “Butterfly Dance” from Arizona, the Sak- kudei “Fire Dance” from Indonesia – to name a few. The dances are brought into the here and now in a “download” process through the bodies of four dancers.

As for the performance, it happens in a space in constant transformation created through an in- terlaced video, light and sound collage – which together creates an intimate performance experi- ence. The piece is considered a living being, evolving along with the different places it travels to, involving local participants; nurtured by the spirit and economy of each city.


Choreography and artistic direction: Amanda Piña
Stage direction and audiovisual conception: Daniel Zimmermann
Performance: Alma Quintana, Yusimi Moya Rodriguez, Amanda Piña, Linda Samaraweerová Dance: Solanghe Enriquez Barrios, Liam Spaenjers and guests (optional)
Choreographic sources: Yaqui, Mayo, Navajo, Gertrud Bodenwieser, Mixtecs-Mexicans, Mapuche Huilliche, Hanna Berger, Tabiteuea Islanders-Kiribati Republic, Trobriand Islanders, Tenek, Sakkudei.
Composition, live percussion & live music: Shayna Dunkelman & Christian Müller
Light: Victor Durán
Choreography assistance: Paula Chavez
Costumes: Francesca Aldegani, Anke Philippe
Production manager: Nora Soponyai
Editing and management consulting: Marie-Christine Baratta


Co-production: De Singel International art campus, Tanzquartier Wien


The project Endangered Human Movements is supported by: ImpulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, NAVE, Creation and Residence Center, Santiago de Chile, Tanzquartier Wien
Supported by: MA7 - Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, BMf B - Bundesministerium für Bewegungs- angelegenheiten Österreich, BKA Kunst und Kultur – Bundeskanzerlamt Österreich.